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It’s a great pleasure for us that you decided to advertise with We offer different types of advertisments at a very low cost. Advertise with us and reach thousands of unique customers daily.

Advertise With Us

Advertise with us and grow your business as fast as you want. We offer advertisements for businesses, companies, websites, blogs, youtube channels, shops, online stores, properties, mobiles apps etc. For any kind of advertisement (which is suitable with our terms and conditions) please contact us.

Ad Types

Mainly we provides 2 type of advertisements :-

1). Text Ads : Text ads are simple and effective. Sevilink provides static and animated text ads. Text ads appears on sevilink homepage, sidebar and between blog posts. The maximum limit of characters is 90 characters.

2). Banner Ads : Banner ads are image-based ads, that are widely popular and cost-effective. Sevilink provides all the banner ads, that supports the following sizes :-

  • 970×250 – Billboard
  • 728×90 – Leaderboard
  • 468×60 – Full Banner
  • 300×600 – Half Banner 1
  • 240×400 – Skyscraper
  • 234×60 – Half Banner 2
  • 180×150 – Rectangle

Ad Formats

We provides different types of advertisements. You can choose your favourite ad format from our ad formats, given below :-

Online Ads : Online ads are regular ads, shown in the form of texts and banners. These ads include image, image+text and text. The banner size for banner ads and word limit for text ads given above.

Guest Post : You can publish your own blog post on our website ( But your post should be unique, original and helpful for our readers. For more details and terms & conditins, Please read this guide.

Sponsored Post : Sponsored post is a blog post, sponsored by a company, business or advertiser. For example, If you want to promote your business on, you can sponsor a blog post, that promote your business. We’ll write about your business.

Feature In Post : Feature in post means, a small part of a blog post. You can book a small part of our existing or upcoming blog posts and we’ll add your product or service in our blog post. For example, If you want to promote your SEO Tool on our website, you can book a part of our existing blog post : Top-10 SEO tools.

Product Review : If you want to promote your product or service on, You can publish a detailed review on our website. It is the best way of promotion.

Terms And Conditions

1). does not support sexual and porn ads (Including sexual harrasment, abusing and bold language/content)

2). does not support advertisements that promote spam, online fraud, scam, misleading content, drugs, illegal weapons etc. We remove these type of ads without any prior notice.

3). does provide statistics for advertisements, because it is a blog website, not an advertising agency.

4). Please provide readymade ads, We do not create advertisements (Excluding blog posts/articles).

5). Word limit for text ads is 90 characters maximum. If your ad contain more than 90 characters, then you’ll pay extra charges.